UtopicUS Coworking space in Paseo de la Habana

MADRID, Siteworks starting on July 2019, completion on 2020

Private commission following an invited competition process for the renovation of a 5700sqm space in central Madrid including a new branded urban space to Paseo de la Habana

The brief called for a 700+ desk spaces in a challenging existing space with reduced connection with the exterior environment. Inspired by the layouts and solutions explored at the English Pleasure Gardens back in the XVIIIC and XIXC, Binom's proposal achieves an stricking secuence of interior spaces maximizing natural light and making the most of the proposed indoor/outdoor spaces. 

Location: Madrid, Spain

Client: Utopicus / Colonial

Programme: Siteworks commenzing July 2019

Lead Architect and Interior Designer: Binom Architects

Local Architect: RCCyP

Project Manager: Homu Project

Lighting Designer: RDT ingenieros