A new concept of Public Library


Second Prize in the public open design contest organized by Madrid Municipality and the Architects Institute COAM

The proposal, called "A Pie de Calle", reflects on the potential that a Public Library can have for a neighborhood like Montecarmelo, in Madrid, where 50% of its population are 14years ol or younger. Our scheme proposed a multifunctional exterior / interior hybrid street that encourages social participation, maximizing the use of the space 24/7 and while maximizing positive environmental impact.

The innovative material palette based on ceramics and glue-lam structure, the overall vaulted shape and the articulation of the volumes will attract curiosity and interest to know this new cultural space that receives the newcomer with open arms. Connectivity with the adjacent urban spaces and the permeability between interior and exterior are two key drivers of the design that result in an accesible and transparent facade at ground floor level and the integrated street as a new route through the building, making it a key cultural infrastructure for the locals

The building has been proposed as a coherent and versatile framework proposal that leaves a number of design issues open such us the facade of the interior layout of key spaces for kids that will be part of a participatory process with the neighbours that will take place during the design stages