Set design for dance company Min Tala


The set for IF THE SUN deals with a collaborative experimental work between Binom as architects and spatial designers and the team from Min Tala as experienced choreographers and dancers.The brief called for a low budget creative spatial arrangement which could be manufactured by the dance company in the few days before the performance.

A low-budget piece choreographed to be danced in open spaces in different cities. Based on the need and desire for Arab artists to work collectively in a shared space, the vision of min tala is to enhance the idea of collective collaboration through dance/theatre.

This installation and the choreographic works that inhabit it, is a manifestation of the less tangible borders imposed in many places of the world to freedom of mobility, freedom of expression, freedom of sexual identity, etc

The key driver of the design is to generate a dynamic space of ever changing boundaries that highlights the relation between public and private through the interaction of the dancers with the physical structures. A linear layout of convergent streets is turned into a carefully orchestrated sequence of spaces of different degrees of accesibility. The boundaries of the different spaces are defined by built mileposts (the “Totems”) spaced along a geometry which replicates the proportions of the golden rectangles. The Totems are built vertical modules made of tyres, concrete and steel rods: a symbolic palette of materials often found in the urban environments of Western cities, but they are also idiosyncratic of areas of war and conflict ongoing in other parts of the World.

A strong presence of colour is key to highlight the installation within the urban context. Colour cords connected to the steel rods are stretched by the dancers turning the vertical structures into 2dimensional screens that will define the new spaces.

The members of min tala are based in different Arab countries and are reunited for rehearsals and dancing the final piece. Each time gathering the whole crew proves to be difficult due to visa restrictions and delays created by political disagreements between countries. Creativity, persistance and collaborations accross disciplines make it possible for a project like IF THE SUN to happen. The piece can be adapted to be performed in public spaces of varied sizes, creating a touring performance around Arab and Western Countries.

Location: Jordan, Western Asia
Client: Min Tala
Photographs: Min Tala