HIP-HUBS Masterplan for Haugesund, Norway


Hip-Hubs proposes connection through reactivation according to the following strategies planned in stages from 2012 until 2030:

  • Reinforcement of connective routes East-West: new commons of activity will reconnect Flotmyr with the sea front, while a network of public spaces bridging over a high-speed traffic  Flotmyr by-pass that will restore the Street as a place to play and social interactions
  • Zip-ring around the city-centre: the network of various derelict sites will turn into a coherent public space where green events will unfold along 3.5km
  • Consolidation of the urban tissue, the Hip-Hub strategy : a Hip-Hub is a spatial device for connecting, a unit that combines a building with a sheltered space around it. It generates different growth and organises different uses around it.

Location: Haugesund, Norway

Client: Haugesund Kommune

Procurement: Open competition entry