Swoon editions HQ


Binom Architects were commissioned by Swoon Editions to put forward a proposal for their new London HQ located under three railway arches south of the Thames River.

Their new premises were to include a large showroom, meeting rooms, event space, team canteen, and office areas. Binom's strategy aims to articulate the open spaces under the arches using subtle thresholds between areas of activity while keeping the open sense of space of the whole arch.

Binom developed a set of tools that combined will define the nature of the thresholds, including:

  • Infrastructure items: fixed to the existing arches and walls they will highlight the existing arched and linear geometries while integrating basic functions such as lighting and electric supply 
  • Room dividers: are fixed single height enclosures made of textiles and paper
  • Plug-ins: greenery in different levels, movable platforms and sliding upholstered pin boards create an atmospheric interior landscape that adapts the scale of the arch to the scale of the activity

Location: Vauxhall, London
Client: Swoon Editions